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Parkimeter adds MobiHubs to web platform

Parkimeter and MOBIAN have found each other and have started a partnership in which they jointly encourage parking reservations online.

Parkimeter is a leading off-street parking company established in Barcelona in 2013. The company eliminates parking market inefficiencies through the use of technology, offering convenience and savings to drivers

MOBIAN offers a network of smartly located mobility hubs in the Netherlands using modern TOMP-API technology

From now on it is possible to reserve all MobiHubs within Amsterdam via the Parkimeter web platform. By booking in advance, parking spaces are used more efficiently and drivers in Amsterdam are easily assured of a parking space. When booking a MobiHub on the Parkimeter platform, you always save search kilometers and therefore CO2 emissions, your spot is guaranteed and you have also selected one in advance that meets the needs of your wallet.

The cooperation between Parkimeter and MOBIAN increases the international range of Parkimeter and at the same time contributes to a car-free city center. Now bookable in Amsterdam, with the intention to also offering MobiHubs in other major Dutch cities on the Parkimeter platform.

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