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1st ever Mobi-Guided-Biketour along favorite must-see spots in Amsterdam!

Enjoy the 1st Mobi-Guided-Biketour on sunday november 21st

10.00-12.00 am, start & end at MOBIHUB P+R Rembrandtpark,

Staalmeesterslaan 410, 1057 PH Amsterdam.

Reservations only, make sure to claim your ticket here.

Free parking in Amsterdam and rent a bicycle for the Mobi-Guided-Biketour? At MOBIHUB you can! MOBIHUB Rembrandtpark is located in Amsterdam-West close to the Rembrandtpark and the A10. At this mobility hub, you can park your car for free if you want to join the Mobi-Guided-Biketour. When booking you can indicate how many bicycles you want to reserve with your parking space.

Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy sightseeing the Dutch way

Open the barrier of the parkingarea easily with your phone and park the car. Open the lock of the bike with an app on your phone (you will receive instructions after booking) and start the Mobi-Guided-Biketour at 10.00 am. Our local tourguide will show you one of the nicest places in Amsterdam ... feel the wind in your hair and enjoy! The package includes 8 hours of bike-rental, the first 2 hours are guided with a local tour guide (Dutch/ English); the rest of the time you are free to explore Amsterdam on your own. Your reservation is valid until 6.00 pm that day and you are able to enter and exit unlimited. Please note: The price for the Mobi-Guided-Biketour package includes the parkingspot, the bike(s) and the tourguide; entrance-tickets by any chance are not included,

Adult bikes only, unfortunately we don't have child seats available.

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