BE READY FOR THE FUTURE - MOBIAN turns your parking places into a true mobility hub!

Mobility wishes have changed. People travel more on individual transport and are less and less desirable in the city centre. This requires a sustainable, smart solution that allows you to meet the changing needs with one stroke.

If you have parking spaces available, it is possible to become a mobility hub. You make your parking spaces available, we take care of the rest!

Why turn your parking space into a mobility hub?

Transfer your parking spaces to the cloud and sell them online.

Start by reserving your parking spaces.

Add last mile mobility tips such as bicycles and increase your sales range from 300m to 5km.

Facilitate the entire customer experience.

Where can MOBIAN facilitate you?

MOBIAN digitizes your parking space using smart hard and software.

MOBIAN places a hub set at your location. This means 3 different types of bicycles, including bicycle shed and shared cars.

MOBIAN sells your parking online and of course also in combination with the last mile mobilities. You become a true part of a network of mobility hubs.

MOBIAN is the direct connection to third parties which will also sell your parking and in combination with the bicycles
OBIAN provides 24/7 customer support.

What are the costs?

MOBIAN charges a one-off fee for digitizing your parking.


MOBIAN places the hub set (all mobilities) on location for free.


MOBIAN sells your parking spaces for a commission fee.