Guaranteed parking spot and get around on a brand new bike for a fixed amount of

€ 99,- per month 

Your parking spot always arranged

One cheap fixed amount per month.

Terminable per month.

50% discount for visitors.

Not linked to license plate

Easy entry and exit with a simple app.

A clear dashboard for all users.


Your city bike always arranged

Guaranteed bikes available at the parking.

Available 24/7.

Easy lock and unlock with the MOBIAN app.

Never lose your bike key again.
No more maintenance on your bike.

Acces to every MobiHub and associated mobilities

One app to control your mobilities

Easy drive in and out of the parking lots.

Easy lock and unlock your bikes.

Pre-book your mobility before to guarantee your parking spot and/or bike.

One automatic invoice for your total month.

Do you have a question? Contact our sales manager Sven Snel directly!