A MOBIHUB is a mobility hub where you can park your park, take an (electric) bike or cargo bike. Our hubs are always located around the centre of a (big) city. 

At all MOBIHUB's we have different kind of mobility solutions bookable. Book easily your parking spot at your desired location and add in just one click extra mobilities, like an (electric) bike. Mobilities that can be booked per MOBIHUB are:

  • City bike

  • E-bike

  • Cargo e-bike

  • Shared car (coming soon)

For example; do you need to be in the city centre of Amsterdam? Make a reservation online. Park your car at MOBIHUB Rembrandtpark, take a bike and you will be there within 15 minutes by bike. You can use the bike as much as you want during your reserved times. Opening the carrier and bike are done with your phone. 


Below you will find all our MOBIHUB's that are live and bookable.  ​