Park for free when using a shared bike to the office.

Mobility hubs are closed parking spaces where multiple vehicles, such as (electric) bikes, cars, scooters and others, are ready to be used.

MOBIAN offers the cheapest and most flexible Park & Bike subscription for business users in Amsterdam. Only pay for the reserved hours that you use the bicycle, while your car is parked for free. Save maximum on mobility costs with a flexible Park & Bike subscription from MOBIAN.

>> 60% cheaper compared to shared bicycles.
>> 100% cheaper compared to parking garages.

>> Pay only when used.
>> Park your car and cycle using one app.
>> Guaranteed parking and bicycle

>> Safe alternative to public transport.

Subscription can be canceled monthly

Only pay for reserved hours

Subscription is non-personal

No tax and administrative hassle

A cheap and flexible Park & Bike subscription for the employees of your company. An affordable alternative to public transport or expensive parking subscriptions.


Network of hubs in Amsterdam

MOBIAN offers a network of mobility hubs on all random roads in Amsterdam, so that you have a parking space and a bicycle available for all your employees, at a maximum of 10 minutes by bike from the office.

Maximum flexibility

Schedule your employees for specific half-days that they use and park the (electric) bicycle. You only pay for the monthly scheduled hours for the bicycle including parking space.

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The cheapest alternative to public transport

A parking space and bicycle from only € 0.85 per hour! MOBIAN offers a healthy, safe and affordable alternative to traveling to the office by public transport.

Reserve your spot and easily open the barrier or bicycle with the MOBIAN app

With the help of the MOBIAN app, you can easily book a day (part) of your choice and the desired mobility.

With the app you can easily open the barrier at the parking garage and the lock of the bicycle reserved for you.

Who is MOBIAN?

MOBIAN offers a network of smartly placed mobility hubs and specializes in the reservation and access to barriers at parking garages and locks of various mobilities from one app. MOBIAN facilitates mobility hubs and Park & Bike solutions in cities, at international airports, but also for events such as the F1 Heineken Dutch GP.

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