Cheap, sustainable and flexible travel via mobility hubs.

Mobility hubs are closed parking spaces where multiple vehicles, such as (electric) bikes, cars, scooters and others, are ready to be used.

Free parking when you switch to an (electric) bicycle.

>> 60% cheaper compared to shared bicycles.
>> 100% cheaper compared to parking garages.

>> Pay only when used.
>> Park your car and cycle using one app.
>> Guaranteed parking and bicycle.

>> Safe alternative to public transport.

Never pay for an empty parking space or a parked bike anymore.

Our (electric) bicycles are parked on smartly placed mobility hubs. These mobility hubs have a limited number of parking spaces. When you purchase a subscription for the use of the (electric) bike, you will receive a free parking space. In addition, you only pay for the hours that you use (electric) bike and your car is parked in the meantime. You indicate in advance which parts of the day you want to use the (electric) bicycle and therefore you want to park your car for free. Because you indicated this in advance, you also immediately have a guarantee for the use of the (electric) bike and free parking space. So there is always a parking spot and a bike available for you.


A network of smartly located mobility hubs.

All our mobility hubs are located on the outskirts of the city with a maximum cycling distance of 20 minutes. This allows you to easily get to and from the location by car and by (electric) bike so you will arrive quickly and safely at home, at work or a other final destination.

A car-free city center by 2030.

All mobility hubs are located around the city center. By placing the locations there and allowing people to park their cars on the mobility hubs where they switch to an (electric) bike, MOBIAN and its users contribute directly to the realization of a car-free city center by 2030.


Daily commuting will change and this calls for....

Our society and behaviour have suddenly changed, and this has major implications for the way we travel. You may no longer be at the office every day and avoid public transport as much as possible. You want to travel safely, climate-conscious and easy. In addition, you want to save as much as possible on daily travelling. mobility solutions.

MOBIAN offers a very effective and efficient solution as an alternative to public transport. We facilitate a network of smartly placed mobility hubs in combination with (electric) bikes and in the future also other means of transport to continue to meet your needs.


You can use our services once, but it is also possible to purchase monthly subscriptions to use our options.

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